Friday, May 6, 2011

Hat Kick

I'm currently in a hat kick currently. It started when I was working on my BIL's trilobyte hat for his birthday.

Trilobyte Too

It turned out lovely and the walnut Cascade Superwash 220 knitted up soft & lovely

Trilobyte Too 3

However, I had some left over from the skein when I finished it, so I decided to cast-on another hat (Turn a Square) and supplementing it with the Yak I had spun up previously


The colors were in approximately the same brown shades/tones, and looked really well together. At first I wasn't sure, but the walnut of the Cascade muted the dark brown of the yak.

I managed to finish the hat in a single day; I couldn't stop knitting.

Yakkity Yak Hat

DH tried it on, and although he's not normally a hat person, it goes really well with his coloring, and he claimed it for himself (esp. as the trilobyte was already claimed).

Yakkity Yak Hat 2

So, guess what I did after I finished this hat? Dove into the Stash, pulled out some more Cascade 220 superwash (along with leftover yarn) and cast on another hat.

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