Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Immediate Gratification -- Denied

This past weekend, I decided to purchase a pattern via Ravelry instead of the designer's website. Why? Because I wanted designers to know that people LOVE Ravelry (like they already don't know), but to help support Ravelry as well.

I used my PayPal account to purchase the pattern. Now, when I've purchased on this designer's site before using the same exact method, I got my pattern immediately. I *really* wanted to cast-on this pattern ASAP!

However, apparently, Ravelry requires your payment to be "cleared" before you can get the pattern, and it can take up to several days for it to happen. :-(

I wish I had known that before. It's been 4 days since the pattern purchase and I still don't have my pattern.

I guess I'll be buying directly through designer websites instead of Ravelry itself. :-/

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