Monday, August 22, 2011


I love getting packages in the mail, especially those that come from Morro Fleeceworks. Previously, I had two fleeces sent to them: a white hogget fleece and a dark grey ewe. They look absolutely beautiful in the box.

Sherri put a note in with the fleece. Apparently, the hogget fleece had a lot of VM (which I was told), but also a lot of 2nd cuts (usually, a fleece is sheared off with one fluid motion; and 2nd cuts are when they have to go back to recut the fleece and is not necessarily desirable in a fleece). I'm a bit disappointed in the shepherdess who didn't tell me about the second cuts although she did warn me about the VM (veggie matter) that was in the fleece.

However, not withstanding, the fleeces are beautiful and so very well done that I can't wait to start spinning it....Sometime after I finish spinning everything else that is on my 2 wheels.....