Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bonfire Projects

Back in May/July, I had spun up some beautiful Abstract Fibers merino/silk blend called BonFire into 205 yards of sport weight yarn.


Subsequently, I had finished up two projects with the yarn. (I love knitting with handspun!)

Firelands -- a cowl of my own design. And I had a used about 159 yards of the handspun to create it.


I had left over yarn, and I really wanted to use the remaining yardage up, but didn't have enough to really do much of anything else unless I wanted to mix it with commercial yarn.

Then the latest fall version of Knitty appeared and they had the pattern, Pretty Twisted, which used left over yarn to make some pretty bracelets.

I named it "Embers" to reflect the leftover parts of Bonfire, and I found some cute buttons to match as the colors also reminded of an autumn day.

Pretty Twisted