Sunday, September 18, 2011

Finished Spinning Projects

I've been busy as of late. Between work, sewing, knitting, spinning, and various events...not to mention podcasting, well, it's been hectic. :-)

I finally got around to taking some photos of a variety of finished projects, including some amazing Targhee from Abstract Fibers; colorway=Malificient. How could I say no to almost all of my favorite colors


It spun up beautifully into a lovely marled skein. I forgot to take a photo of the skein, but here it in in a cake. 383 yards that will be made into something...not sure what yet.

Malificent Targhee

Oh, and there's also my Tweed Spice from Tour De Fleece.

It went from the lovely top to singles

Ashland Bay Spice TDF 2011

to a final 3-ply worseted

Foxglove Spice

Unfortunately, it wasn't quite enough for a sweater (slightly short of 900 yards), so I'm going to try and either find an appropriate vest / shrug to go with the yardage, or combine it with commercial to produce enough for a sweater.