Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Spinning Teeswater

Alright! Enough about weaving or knitting or dye'ing. How about a little spinning?
Yes, I still spin, and in fact, HAVE been spinning.

I have two projects on two wheels.

First up, I started spinning Gretta again. Can I say how much Love spinning her woolen?


She's going to end up such a lofty fluffy yarn!

Gretta Sampling 2

I'm also spinning up some Teeswater that I got from a shephardess in Oregon.


Unfortunately, I discovered the roving I had purchased had basically felted together. They told me it would be as simple as unwinding it. It was more like tearing felted chunks.

I sighed, and had my LYS owner look at it to see what could be done. She told me that we needed to run it through the drumcarder in order to save it, and even lent me the store drumcarder. So I did -- DH help me tear chunks off the roving, then we ran it through the carder. It took 40 minutes to pull 8 oz of roving off the cone it had been wrapped around.

But, then it came out cloudlike, soft, and utterly spinnable.


Eventually, this will be a 4-cable ply. I'm currently spinning this with a short-worsted draw because it's so fuzzy.

I tried to spin it woolen, because the prep was woolen, and I didn't quite like the halo it was developing. The teeswater staple length is sooo long that it's really easy to do either woolen or worsted spinning with this fiber.

I'll have to write up more about Teeswater at a later date.