Thursday, March 1, 2012

Yup. Definitely Short on Frankie

I'm definitely short with Frankie. I was hoping beyond hope, but knowing deep down that I was going to be short.

* I have 3-4 yards (if that) yarn left.
* I have 3 inches left on both sleeves (6 inches total).

I tore apart my Stash area looking for that "missing" ball of Frank. I couldn't find it. At one point, I was pretty damn sure I had it. Then I was just "sure". Because, I WROTE down EXACTLY how much I had on my blog & my Ravelry page.

Now I don't know if I dreamt the whole thing, then dreamt walked/typed onto Ravelry AND my blog about this extra skein that I had. Either that or the gremlins took it...or somehow in the night, Frank the sleeveless sweater got up, took the ball and hid it (which would be difficult without sleeves).

So, I'm pretty sure I had to have dreamt the extra skein.

But, watch...after I spin up another 3 ounces of Frank, wash, and thwack the yarn, the missing ball will turn up. *sigh*