Wednesday, April 11, 2012


If you listen to the Knitmore Girls Podcast, then you're probably aware of their SPAKAL 2012.
This is a SPIN-along, KNIT-along for the next 8 months. You spin the yarn, then knit the chosen sweater (Eadon (ravelry link).

I've had my eye on this sweater as it's lovely. But, I also have 2 other sweaters for which I have plans to spin. Of course, I superceding those plans and looking to spin for the Eadon.

I opted to spin up my hogget fleece, Odie, a merino ram. And what a delight to spin!


I spun up a little bit of Ode @ 11:1 and did a ply back test, which didn't give me quite what I wanted. At 3 plies, it gave me about a sport weight. So I dropped the ratio down to 9:1

9:1 - Ply back test @ 2-3-4 plies
Odie ply back test

The ratio came a lot closer to what I wanted. A quick comparison on the WPI had the following:
Odie ply back test wpi

I spun up three bumps of 3 ounces of Odie @ 9:1 which gave me a sample of yarn (about 44 yards) of a 3ply that I was very much hoping would have been worsted weight after being fulled. Unforutnately, it ended up being a DK / light worsted weight. I probably could have done a 4-ply to give me what I wanted, weight-wise, but I was really looking to do a 3-ply.

So, I made adjustments to the spinning wheel (changing out whorl sizes), and started another sample of yarn, which will hopefully yield what I am looking for.

And in an effort to regain some use of my full bobbins (from an earlier spinning project -- Gretta) for use with Odie, I plied up 3 bobbins according to my previous set of notes --- getting consistent yarn is all about taking careful notes about wheel settings --- and it came out beautiful and very much like my initial sample.

So, I guess I'll be spinning on 2 wheels for the next few weeks:
1) to finish spinning up the last 2 ounces of Gretta AND to regain some of the bobbins with her yarn
2) spin up the Odie sample, and get started on the SPAKAL