Monday, April 2, 2012

Spinning Color

Lately, I've been spinning away on naturally colored fibers, like Frank, Gretta, and my Teeswater roving.
  • Frank kinda got to be a chore for a while, because it was just constant working with Frank trying to get "enough" to finish my seemed never ending.
  • Gretta is lovely, soft, and an absolute delight to work with....but after spinning 14 ounces, one does get a bit tired of the same thing (esp. as I'm spinning for a sweater; I still have 3 more ounces left).
  • The teeswater? This is not as pleasant as I had hoped, mostly because of the effort I had to go through to get it to a reasonable state in order to spin it (it had felted in shipping), but I'm determined to actually finish this project.

Frankie PliedGretta Sampling 2IMG_0644

But, evern now and then, one needs a little bit of extra color to put some POP! in their lives.

Frabjous fibers

This fiber is 4oz of Frabjous Fibers in their SPARKLE line (merino & angelina) -- the colourway is "Stained Glass".

I've spun up 3 bobbins of this, and will be creating a 3ply. I'm not wholly sure what it's destined to become, but, there will be enough for something small, like a hat, pair of fingerless mitts, or a small shawlette.