Thursday, May 17, 2012

Leather Armor

I've gotten minimal knitting & spinning done, because I'm trying to get my costume ready for Clockwork Alchemy. The leather leg guards have been completed. It’s not very heavy, and very wearable, except that you can’t really “sit” with it on, as its based on cavalry armor. However straddling a chair or a stool? Completely comfortable.

Overall, it’s been relatively easy to work on, except that it did take some time to complete, because this particular outfit can’t be just “sewed” of it had to be molded to fit my body, which meant getting it wet, then letting it dry in the specific shape I wanted. Plus parts of it had to be glued down that just takes time waiting for it to dry & cure.

Here's a pictorial essay, because, photos are much better than words:


Sample scales

Templated Cuts


Molded Leather

Molded scales v flat scales

Riveted Together

Leather leg guards

Bound Edges

Leg guards bound

Grommeted Belt

Belt grommet

Completed Set

Legs flat

Right now, I'm working on the fabric portion of the costume, and have been sewing for the previous nights. I'll have photos of that later on when I get farther along.