Friday, June 8, 2012

Fourth Sweater of the Year

I had been working on the Chic Knits Basic Hoodie since April 2012. Using some purple tweed of Cascade 220, it's been a really good knit. However, I did put it down a couple of times, especially to work on my Mogwai project that became my "popcorn" knitting (my own design).

I finally managed to get it done at the beginning of June. It took me nearly a full evening to hand-sew on the grosgrain ribbon on both button bands, as well as sewing on the wonderful hand-made wood buttons I had bought on Etsy.

I was trying to figure out how best to add the grosgrain ribbon onto the buttonhole side of the button band. I made a couple of different attempts, but I think I have found a solution that's not-so-elegant, but seems to work well. It involves grosgrain ribbon, pinking shears, and fray check. But before I write-up what I did, I want to see how well it holds up to a few wearings.

And, of course, I finished this sweater just in time for the hot weather to hit on our area. Ah well....