Monday, July 16, 2012

ComiCon - a Love/Hate Thing....

Ah, Comic Con has come & gone. I have not yet gone to San Diego Comic Con, which some claim is the mecca of all geeky-ness. Although, I have attended similar, but smaller events, like San Francisco's Wonder Con.

I have many friends who go, but it is something I have yet to attend. In fact, I have a love / hate relationship with ComicCon.

  • a lot of geekyness can be had there.
  • Some of my favorite stars, authors, and show producers/directors attend
  • There are show previews and lots of swag
  • Stuff that you only see at ComiCon. (Not that I need stuff, but it'd be interesting to SEE)
  • It's HUGE...50,000+ of your closest friends
  • Lines. You stand in line to get in line, for the line of the panel you want to attend.
  • You might only get to 1-2 panels the WHOLE weekend
  • It's turned very commercial
I WANT to go AND, simultaneously, I have no desire to go :-(

It's a conundrum, I tell you.

But, perhaps one day, we'll make the trek to go to Comic Con, then to just say we had.