Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Slugs on the Brain

If you're a fan of the show, Futurama, I'm sure you're familiar with the brain slugs. As DH is a big fan of the show, he said he wanted one of these to wear for conventions or the ilk, when he didn't quite feel like wearing a costume.

So, obviously, I had to make it for him. And what better way to do it than crochet amigurumi. First, however, it was getting the necessary colored yarn. I had thought to use just Lion Brand acrylic, because, it's a) cheap and b) I usually like making my toys out of acrylic yarn. 

However, they didn't have the right color, so I just went with Cascade 220 in Apple Green (which was approved by DH).
Picture 002 

I took a look through Ravelry at some of the patterns, but many of them seemed way too large or I didn't quite like how they looked, so it was time to improvise. I'm particularly fond of amigurumi and no stranger to creating such toys. This one was rather simple. But, first I made a small prototype to see if it'd work;


The initial prototype was a bit too small, and DH didn't like the ruffles, as he felt they were too doily-ish. This one fit my head a little bit better than DH's head (which is a big head in the literal sense). So I increased the size by about 20%, made the ruffling a little bit uneven, then sewed together a felt eye (using the tutorial I posted), which was then attached to the body with needle & thread.

Final Brain slug

To provide a little "depth" to the eye. I crocheted a chain long enough to go around the eye, and sewed it down. Then, DH placed the iris, himself, and it was just a simple matter of glueing it down in the appropriate spot. It was then stuffed with some scrap yarn that I had recently cut off my loom.

It took an evening to create the prototype and then the final brain slug.