Monday, July 15, 2013

Halos of Hope-a-thon

This past weekend was one that somewhat went full circle for me. The weekend that the Purlescence Yarns was hosting the "Halos of Hope" knit-a-thon -- which is a charity organization that collects crafted hats for chemo-patients. They stayed up for 24 hours knitting towards a goal of 200 hats.

On this very weekend, I attended a memorial and wake for a friend who recently died of cancer and who was a knitter herself. So, this event was a particularly poignant one for me. I stopped by briefly after the memorial, and it was good to see so many people taking part in it.

The box in the center is filled with hats!

I did not stay for the whole Halos of Hope-athon (as much as I wanted to, but couldn't because of my commitments that same weekend). But I followed their progress closely on Facebook. By the end of the K.A.T, they collected 210 hats. There were 30-40 knitters working away at any given time; the shop was full of knitters!. Many stayed the evening to knit hats the whole night.

The Knitmores were there giving away swag bags and doing their part in the K.A.T.

You can see more photos on the Purlescence Yarns Facebook page. You can also donate any knitted hats or money to Halos of Hope to help cancer patients. It's never too early or late.