Friday, July 19, 2013

Tour de Fleece 2013: Finished!

My goals for Tour de Fleece 2013 were fairly simple, because I knew that I'd be travelling for a few conventions and other events during the 20-something days of the tour.  Consequently, I decided to do a "simple" 3-2 braid yarn

I had a white merino hogget fleece that I wanted to play with during the tour; his name was Odie. My plan was only to spin up 6 ounces for this 3-2 braid.


Here are two of the singles in quills, where each single is ~ 36 WPI. These singles were true woolen spun on my Traddy. They are "loosely" spun singles -- and in fact, I could be heard swearing up a storm on a fairly regular basis.

All 6 quills were then 2-plied into 3 separate bobbins, which are very overspun (because I'm going to be plying them again). The resulting 2-ply yarn is about ~18 WPI.

All of these singles & 2plies led to a HUGE bobbin of a 3-2 cable ply, which according to calculations, should be approximately 6 WPI, which is going to give me a slightly bulky yarn once I full the resulting skein.

I needed to finish up early for the Tour de Fleece, because we were going to be away (again) for the last few days of the Tour. I don't have time to completely finish up the skein, so pictures of the completed skein will have to wait until my return.

Next year, I'm going to work with a bit more color. It's hard to post progress photos of a WHITE fleece being spun into yarn. It's not very exciting.