Monday, March 10, 2014

Escapee from Area 51

Have you ever had those Un-Finished Ojects (UFOs) that are hiding away in a little corner of your Stash (i.e. Area 51)? Maybe you even had a UFO that's been a forgotten secret for a number of years, or perhaps even decades?

Mine is from 2009. Now, I first started knitting in 2009 (or thereabouts) so this UFO is one of my very first projects -- the Irish Hiking Scarf -- out of Lion Brand Wool Ease (80% acrylic + 20% wool) It was my very first cabled project, and at the time, I hadn't quite discovered the joys of knitting with pure wool. I knit on it, learning how to cable and I found that I did quite enjoy cabling.

It was a scarf, which means that it needed to be LOOONG to wrap around my neck several times. Over time, I got very bored with it, plus I really didn't like the feel of knitting with the Lion Brand, so I tucked it away into a corner of my Stash Room and it laid there unforgotten.

Sometimes, it got pulled out when I was cleaning up, but, it would get tucked away again. I was determined to eventually finish it, but just "not right now" (as I would tell myself).

This past weekend, I was tidying up (again -- an unending task) when I pulled it out. I looked at it, and realized that, while not long enough to be a scarf, it was PLENTY long enough to be a cowl! So, I bound it off and seamed the ends. Voila! One finished object brought into the light of day from the deep dark recesses of my Area 51. It feels good :-)