Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Stitches West 2014 Summary Report

Ah, Stitches West. It comes right after GallifreyOne, and is another geeky type of convention, except for fabric artists of all kinds. This year, I went for two days.

Day 1: Shopping! I had made a list of a few things that I definitely wanted. I was a fiber artist on a mission!
Day 2: Hanging out with friends, taking photos, and picking up little things I missed before. I didn't want to lug around a camera whilst I was looking at ALL THE PRETTY THINGS on Day 1.

There were booths offering everything up from fiber to yarn to ready-made goods. And lets not forget all of the accessories for fiber arts. I picked up a lovely shawl pin and a beautiful hand-turned wooden yarn bowl.

It was a bit hard to see every single booth at Stitches because there were just so much to see.


It was crowded on the floor on both days I was there. The line for the Knitmore Girls Meet & Greet wrapped around the Purlescence booth and then some.

However, they got a TON of Halos of Hope hats.

People were wearing some of the beautiful garments they had created ranging from cardigans and many shawls. There were also some um...very interesting fiber art creations.

 A lot of folks got some shopping done at various booths, like the Verdant Gryphon:

And some of my friends fell hard over at Woodland Dyeworks -- a very dangerous place for spinners.

I might have spent some money at a variety of booths this year....

The YarnOver truck came up from Southern California! I've been following them on Facebook and I didn't think I'd ever to get to see the truck in person. If you haven't heard of them, they are basically a mobile yarn store, which I think is an awesome idea. They just drove their truck right onto the convention floor.

But, it wasn't just a lot of vendors selling products. Amy Herzog of Custom Fit was giving consultations and whatnought.

If you weren't taking any of the many offered classes at Stitches, there were many demonstrations on the floor and mini-workshops for free.


It was a pretty awesome year, but also exhausting as it was back-to-back from GallifreyOne.  I'm glad I went for two days this year, and spent the second day doing more social activities and seeing friends. It was good to connect with the fiber arts community.