Thursday, February 27, 2014

Gallifrey One Convention Report (Part II Fiber Arts at Gally)

The one nice thing about Gallifrey One is the sheer number of very crafty people who make their own costumes as well as their own crafty goodness. It's pretty impressive how imaginative people can get. It's so impressive that I left the convention with a bunch of ideas to make -- sew, knit, and make. Even my dear Viking was MUST MAKE ALL THINGS!

Everywhere you walked, you saw people who made something -- either a costume or knitted item. And there are a LOT of knitted & crocheted items at Gallifrey One. There's a Ravelry forum, Who Knits, that's just dedicated to Doctor Who fiber arts.

The biggest knitted item for Gallifrey One is, obviously, the infamous Doctor Who scarf. I made one for myself (albeit using a knitting machine) several years ago. I saw plenty at Gallifrey with some interesting twists.

There were some interesting ways to wear them. I mean, what do you do with a 13 foot scarf?!?
Wear it ala Toga style!

You can turn it into a dress:
If that's wool, she's gotta be really warm!

Of course, you can always turn a scarf into a raglan sweater. (I'm going to need to steal this idea!) Her aunt had made this for her years ago. It's a crocheted sweater out of sport weight with small bits of lace.

The scarf wasn't the only knitted or crocheted bit of goodness at Gallifrey. I saw one crocheted Tardis and a mashup of 4th & 11th Doctor goodness.

There was also an amazing vendor (Hand-Knit Habitat) who sold HAND-KNIT scarves, hats, and knitting kits for those who don't knit, and she sold out of nearly ALL of her stock during the convention. It was awesome to see a successful knitter. I bought one of her knitted bow-ties in support.

She specializes in Science Fiction knitting, which I highly approve!