Monday, February 24, 2014

GallifreyOne: Convention Report (Part I - Costuming)

I'm finally getting to catch my breath again from the whirlwind between GallifreyOne and Stitches West 2014. I've tried to write up my Con-Reports with photos, but I was a bit delayed until I got the photos completed. It's no fun to write up a Con-Report without photos!

I'm going to write-up a multi-blog post on Gallifrey because there was Just. So. Much. If you're not familiar with GallifreyOne in Los Angeles, it is the Doctor Who Convention over President's Day weekend. We have attended for a number of years, and always have absolute blast. There are panel discussions on Doctor Who, interviews with guests of honor, panels on crafting, costuming, and then everything in between. If you ever wanted to geek-gasm about Doctor Who, then this is the place to do it! This year, they had two guests I particularly wanted to see -- Billie Piper (Rose) and Arthur Darvill (Rory).

We didn't think we were going to be able to go this year until the 13th hour (okay, about a month before the convention), but a bit of luck and some help of some friends with the hotel room, we managed it. (Anyways, we shall be attending Gally again next year with a bit more pre-planning.)

The convention sold out its tickets (~3000 people), and some of the evening events were jammed pack, like the Ice Cream Social on Thursday night.

Gallifrey started on a Thursday this year, and LobbyCon (the unofficial part of the convention) was jammed pack on Thursday evening when we arrived.

The convention is pretty costume heavy (nearly as costume-heavy as CostumeCon). A large percentage of the guests were in some form of Dr. Who regalia and a ton of cosplayers as various characters from the show. Everyone was showing their love of the good Doctor.

There were some very good Doctors this year.

And there were a lot of Daleks too....

Some of them were robotic in nature and others were human driven. And others were almost human.

Our friend does some amazing prosthetic work!

And it wasn't just the adults, there were a lot of very young fans cosplaying ranging from really cute to kinda creepy.
This costume was kinda creepy, especially as he kept asking everyone if they were his mommy.

The extremely geeky assistant from "Day of the Doctor" 50th Anniversary was extremely popular this year. In the show, she was definitely a fan girl, which I think many can relate.

It's always good to see the different interpretations of various costumes ranging from a very comfy K-9 to Twin Tardises!

There were also a lot of mashups, costuming-wise. (A mash-up is when you take two different shows/movies genres and mash them together, like a FireFly x Dr. Who.......)

Everyone needs a bandolier of sonic screwdrivers!

This year, we were shangheid(j/k) honored to help out with the Masquerade by judging for presentation (how well did they present their costumes). Our friends were judging workmanship (how well did they construct their costumes). Here's one of the contestants....
Can you bellieve this is her FIRST costume?!?

It was fun to be a judge again, and we got awesome seats (front row!) We've volunteered for judging next year. :-) Hopefully, we'll see you there next year as well.