Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Franklin Habit Lecture

I'm so behind on my blogging and trying to catch up with at least some of the photos I've taken.

Earlier in the year, some friends had posted that Franklin Habit was going to be teaching classes over at Verb for Keeping Warm. I was going to have my SpinU intensives during that time frame, but I definitely wanted to hear him speak; maybe attending a class with him, if it warranted.

Unfortunately, either the classes didn't interest me, were not really meant for me (i.e. photography for knitters), or were in direct conflict with my SpinU class. Luckily, VFKW also added a lecture with Franklin on the history of knitting called, "Impractical Magic".

At first, I didn't quite manage to get into the lecture (being put onto a waiting list much to my disappointment), but they had a cancellation and I got to go! However, it was about 1.5 hours right after my SpinU class, and it takes about 60 minutes from Purlescence to VFKW (plus I had to drop off my wheel back home!)

The drive up was a bit harried (and of course, I hit a bit of traffic on the way to VFKW). Luckily, I found a good parking spot and managed to arrive a few minutes before he started.

Despite the hiccups, I'm really glad that I went.

Franklin is an extremely funny and engaging speaker with a penchant for puns. Some of what he presented is present in his blog, The Panoptican, but with much much more detail and he brought his knitted samples. He also presented other bits and bobs from fiber crafting history (especially in the Victorian era where there were many booklets on various topics from knitting to macrame to metal working.) Everything was extremely informative and hysterically funny (as he presented them).

If you get a chance to hear him speak, I highly recommend it. He's an absolute treat to listen to and a sweetheart of a guy.