Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Making of Melinda May (Part 1)

The month of May is always pretty busy in terms of just events that are occurring, and the preparation to go to those events. And then add actual work load (the stuff that pays a salary and not the work required to do those FUN things) gets pretty hectic.

So, let me catch you up on some of the things I've been doing.

I decided a while ago to make a Melinda May costume from Agents of Shield. She has two iconic costumes, but they have the same basic items: leather vest (blue or black), a Eurojersey shirt with thumbholes (blue or black) and black pants.

Tyranny of Style interviewed the costume designer, Ann Foley, for Agents of Shield, which gave me a bit of insight on the design and colors.

I opted to make the blue leather vest outfit (top photo). There wasn't anything close enough that could be modified to make, so I was going to have to make her iconic vest myself.  Plus, it would give me a chance to work with leather. (I have never made a leather garment previously!)

The rest of the outfit was fairly "simple" in terms of costume, and could be available commercially. (I love not having to make everything for an outfit. So, what I needed to get were:

  • the Shield patches. According to the designer, the patches were printed onto the shirt.

  • the shirt with thumb holes

  • tactical pants (preferably fitted)

  • kick-ass boots

  • aviator glasses, as she does drive the Flying Bus.

Then it was a simple matter of just making the vest, right?

Onto Part 2!