Monday, August 25, 2014

Han Solo Costume: Making the Pants (3)

This past weekend, I finished 98% of the pants (I still need to do hem the pants and add a stirrup so that it doesn't bunch up when I put on boots.

I am really pleased at how it turned out, and it's very comfortable to wear. I think I might reuse this pattern to make better pants for my Melinda May outfit because her cargo pants are pretty form fitting (unlike commercially available versions)

Here's the back view that I based on my existing pair of jodhpurs. I added two belt carriers at the back waist.

And the front of the pants with the pintuck and the front belt carriers. I miscalculated when placing the bloodstripes. I wanted them to start just slightly above the waistband, but ended up being a little bit more than what I wanted. As "perfection is the enemy of the done", I opted to just leave it as is. The belt, gun belt, and vest will cover this part of the costume.

And the final set of pants with the full bloodstripe.
I made the pants longer than necessary (about 4" longer than my legs) because I wanted to have extra length when I did the bloodstripe, just in case the machine screwed up slightly and I needed to cut a few stripes out.