Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Yearly Roundup

Every year, I take stock on the finished projects that I finished for that year.

It’s not a contest, but rather a progression bar of how much I've actually finished. It helps me realize that I DID get a lot of stuff done in the year (crafting wise), whereas sometimes I tend to think I didn't get a lot done (which is a fallacy by all rights).

So, for 2014, I made the following things:

  • Three full cosplay sewing projects that had a lot of pieces made:
    • Melinda May - learned how to sew leather with the machine
    • 10th Doctor - learned how to tailor a suit jacket and pants. I also made a bonus waistcoat piece.
    • Han Solo - this was a big project, where I made the entire costume (pants, shirt, and vest)
  • Medium sewing project, where I made a TARDIS messenger bag.
  • Little sewing projects, including pajamas, project bags, and donation blankets
  • Leatherworking projects, where I learned how to tool leather and where I made a quiver
  • Beading projects, where I made a few new pieces of bling for me.
  • 19 knitting projects.  Last year, I knitted 24 projects, but I also did a lot of sewing, as indicated above, so I'm okay with this number. It still comes out to 1.5 projects per month.

Overall, I'm pleased with how my crafting and DIY went this year. I learned a lot of new techniques and got to play with a lot of new crafting toys!

For 2015, I hope to get just as much done as I did this year, if hoping for a little bit more. I already have a backlog of things that will definitely be finished, since I started them late in 2014.

Here's a small sampling of the stuff I made. If you want to go back and read about the others, then check out the link --  2014-list-of-projects.

Scotch Moss Cardigan - full