Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Donation Blankets

There are a lot of knitters, crocheters, and general crafters who often make items for donation for a variety of charities. Sadly, I am not necessarily one of these people, because there's a lot of things that actually do take up my time. Instead, I tend to donate monetary funds to my chosen charities to use as they see best fit. (Charities often get better pricing for bulk items, so cash can be better utilized.)

One of my favorite charities (Nine Lives Foundation) uses an Amazon Wish List to request items, which are then delivered to the shelter. It's an interesting way to solicit donations. I noticed that they wanted pet blankets to send home with foster families for young kittens as well as to use within the shelter. I noticed that these were rather "pricey" for the amount of fabric used in what little construction the blankets used. These blankets were a 26 x 24 inch rectangle of fabric that were very badly blanket stitched at the edges.

Well, heck, I can churn out a polar fleece blanket in minutes. So, I went to my fabric store, which was having a 50% off sale on their polar fleece fabric.

For the price of three blankets, I bought 5 yards of 60 inch wide fabric. I washed it to remove any chemicals.

Then cut out rectangle pieces at 30 x 30 inches, and used the serger to overlock all four edges. At the end, I had 10 blankets ready to be dropped off at the shelter (along with a donation check).

When I got there, I also found out they had a bunch of fleece fabric donated, but that weren't cut up into blanket sizes, so I offered to do it, so it would free them to do other important things.

Like taking care of these cuties. Because, these little guys deserve all the help they can get.