Monday, February 2, 2015

Knitting Doctor Who Scarf Gloves

Despite having multiple projects on the needles, I got a bug in my ear to add one more project to the list -- a Doctor Who set of fingerless gloves! I had made a full sized scarf on the knitting machine years ago for my Viking, and it's an impractical thing to wear on a regular basis -- except for when cosplaying the Doctor! Fingerless gloves would be a little easier to knit and wear.

However, this new project required the purchase of some yarn, in specific colorways. A trip to my LYS yielded colors that were close to what I wanted. (Some colors were slightly off, but it's what the LYS had in stock and I really wanted to cast on right then and there!)

Cascade 220 Sportweight superwash

An initial test swatch told me that the yarn weight was wrong -- the fabric was just too thick for my liking, and the bright yellow was going to bother me. Plus, I had missed one colorway So, I went back to my LYS and scoured their yarn selection. I wanted a thinner fabric, hence, I needed a thinner weight yarn. Consequently, I ended up the Cascade 220 sock weight yarn (Heritage solids).

(Note: I had PLENTY of left overs from each skein.)

While most of the colors were exact, the brown is slightly too dark and the tan is a little too light, but as a design choice, I decided to go with it. Here are the colorways I selected from Cascade 220 Sockweight:
  • 5662 Maroon (maybe too red, but it works)
  • 5663 Wine 
  • 5631 Charcoal (there might have been a better darker grey for this)
  • 5639 Brown (slightly too dark)
  • 5643 Sunflower
  • 5681 Limestone (slightly too light of a beige)
  • 5640 Cinnamon 
Another test swatch later told me that this yarn was the right weight. So I started knitting.

As a scarf reference I used the "definitive" Doctor Who Scarf website that lists out the color combinations and number of row repeats for each color. Specifically, I used the original scarf pattern, which is called the Acheron Hero Scarf.

I chose spots in the pattern that I felt were representative of the scarf and that looked good and started knitting there. For these, I selected the ends of the scarf and knitted towards the middle.

In order to make it scale correctly for the gloves, I divided the number of rows by 2. For example, if the pattern said,  22 rows of Red, then I would only knit 11 rows instead. (I was also contemplating dividing by 4 so I could incorporate more colors into the gloves, but in the end, I chose to divide by 2.)

NOTE: Make sure to use the Jogless Jog method when switching colors.
They aren't too shabby.

Plus the Cascade 220 Sport superwash is really soft.

I love these. I might make another pair using a different scarf or maybe even Romana's scarf. I still have a ton left from each skein.

I'll be posting the actual pattern for the gloves very soon, so you can make your own.