Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Stitches West 2015

Stitches West is the weekend immediately following GallifreyOne, which didn't give me much time to catch my breath in between weekends.

I went off with friends, and it was a fun time. We saw a ton of geeky and nerdy knits! I met a fellow knitter from the Who Knits? forum on Ravelry, and she had made this Doctor Who themed shawl

And one of the vendors showcased everyone's favorite Joker with their new colorway.

And who can resist a bit of Harry Potter?

I got a chance to wear my Eagle Twist shawl, which got a ton of compliments. Everyone loved the cable down the middle of the back. Then on Sunday, I wore my St. Brigid sweater...and again got a lot of compliments on it. At least one person recognized the pattern; she had knit it herself.

Nothing like showing off your hard work at Stitches!

Of course, I picked up a few things at Stitches that were just too pretty to pass up. A lovely orifice hook for my wheel. I love the shape and it fits in my hand well.

A fair trade basket. It's larger at the bottom than at the top. It carried everything I bought at Stitches. I tried very hard not to fill it up.

And of course, there was the yarn.

I stopped at Miss Babs booth where I picked up a Wowza and Yummy skeins (along with two mini skeins).  I also picked up a sweater's worth of Madeline Tosh at Webs. There was also a new vendor called "Yarns on the House" whose yarn base was absolutely lovely (80% Superwash Merino, 10% Cashmere, 10% Nylon). They had nearly sold out by Friday, but I picked up a skein to play with at my leisure while they restocked.

I hope ya'll had a good time at Stitches.

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