Friday, March 6, 2015

Geek Network Activate!

There are times when  my social network provides some most excellent geek information that I need to immediate act upon.

In this case, my friends posted about the Doctor Who fabrics at Joanns Fabric store. There's a Joann's Fabric store that is a 3-minute walk from work. Guess who went shopping?

They had several different cotton fabrics -- the Tardis, the exploding Tardis (ala Van Gough) and Daleks.

And a flannel fabric, from which I shall be sporting new pajamas soon!

Normally, you can only get Doctor Who fabrics via Spoonflower, which makes custom fabrics. The price for yardage is not cheap. However, these are much more affordable, and they were on sale @ 40% off.

Plus, they also had some Big Hero 6 fabrics too! I love me some Baymax.

I might have picked up a yard or two, here and there.... I already have plans and am sketching out ideas.