Monday, May 11, 2015

Gift Crafting for 2015

My gift knitting is usually pretty sparse and limited to extremely close friends & family who are "knit-worthy" and whom I know will use their hand-made gifts. And I spread them out throughout the year as in-between projects.

However, this past month, it seems that I have been gift knitting a lot as a form of procrastination on my existing larger projects (two sweaters and a shawl).

First, I made a hat for a dear friend who is going to be spending a summer internship on a boat doing marine geology.  Consequently, I had to knit her a Jacques Cousteau hat! As she was slated to go out on the boat in June, I had to finish before she packed up and moved!

When she received it, she immediately sent me a text telling me she loved it and that it had been a big picker-upper for her as she is bogged down with school, finals, and the ilk. That made me feel good.

For another, a friend whom I've known for more years than I care to count was going to have a baby. I'm normally not one for knitting baby things, but I found one that was cute and (supposedly) a quick knit. It was definitely "cute", but not necessarily a quick knit for a variety of reasons  --- including not being able to count and running out of yarn, which was discontinued and having to scour the internets for another skein...which luckily I found. But, it got done. The baby is due in June, so it also had to get done relatively quickly.

I also found some cute dog buttons. Both parents are very dog-friendly, and the baby's older brother is a wonderful dog named Hank.

For them, I also found an almost-completed pieced quilt. It had been pieced together, but not quilted together. It was about the size of a baby blanket or mat.

 I took it home and (badly) quilted it together.

And the not-last project that I'm currently working on are holiday gifts. My BIL is a big San Diego Chargers fan, so I'm knitting up Charger themed hats for him as he loves knitted hats (and he is one of those people for whom buying gifts is difficult).

I've also got one more gift project on the needles, but since I'm not quite done with it yet, and the recipient might be reading this blog, I'll not mention it quite yet. :-)