Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Project Hydra - A Bad Case of Start-itis

Lately, I've had a bad case of start-itis. I was finishing my many knitted projects fairly quickly, so was starting two projects for every one that I finished. It was a form of Project Hydra -- cut off one head and more grow in its place.

As you might imagine, this propensity was going to lead me into a lot of trouble. At first, this system worked because I was knitting quick small projects, like hats.

Then, I started projects that were bigger in scope, like Louisa from CocoKnits. (I'm 16 inches into the sweater.)

And Leftie, by Martina Behm, which is an easy shawl but grows quickly. I love these colors!

I still had to knit up horns for a friend's Viking hat that I had promised for his birthday.

AND....I still had a few other things on the needles, like Dragons, Dragons, Dragons by Mary Scott Huff, which is a complicated fair isle pattern cowl. 

(I'm much farther along than this photo suggests)

My Doctor Who cowl for the Who Knits CAL on the podcast. And I'm not even counting the socks I have on the needles. Needless to say, the practical knitter in me started channeling Elizabeth Zimmerman. 

What was I doing?!? 

I couldn't be expected to finish any given project in a reasonable amount of time if I was splitting my time in between multiple large projects!  I mean, I know that I like having different projects for different occasions --- simple stockinette for when I have to pay attention; complicated projects for when I can sit down and really concentrate; etc....but this was getting out of hand.

At heart, I'm more of a project knitter -- I love making projects that I can use, which is problematic if I'm not actually able to finish an object TO use.

I think it's time to cut off all the Hydra heads at once.....