Friday, July 10, 2015

Start of Tour de Fleece 2015

Tour de Fleece started on July 4th this year, and my goals for it are modest --- finish up some Spinning WIPS (SWIPS?) that have been languishing on bobbins.

For starters, I had 4oz lovely Alpaca Silk from Abstract Fibers. I had spun up a single ounce on my Ashford Kiwi, but never got back to it.

 Abstract Fibers - Dark Chocolate

I spun up all four ounces -- one per storage bobbin. I spun the singles as worsted weight at about 24 WPI.
Then made a lovely 4 ply that measures a heavy worsted weight.

Now, I need to dive back into my Fiber Stash and see what next project needs to be spun!