Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Dr. Who Bandana

This past Saturday was the Rosie the Riveter Rally in Oakland, CA. I wasn't sure that I was going to be able to make it, between coming back from vacation at Crater Lake (more about that later....), catching up with work, and an archery tournament on Sunday.

A friend of mine sent me a Rosie the Riveter bandana, but it was a tad too small for me to wear that day (in support). However, I decided to make my own, but with a twist. I took out my Van Gough Tardis fabric and made myself a 24 x 24 inch bandana with narrow hems.

If you've never done a narrow hem before, this website gives you some good techniques for achieving a nice narrow hem:

After putting up my hair in pin curls & messy bun, I tied the bandana around my head.

This is the first time I did my hair in the fashion. I followed a YouTube Tutorial on it, which worked out well for me. I plan on probably doing this again.

And I think I'll be making more Geek-related hair bandanas for myself in the near future. It's a nice way to show off a bit of geek, and use some fabric that I wouldn't otherwise use.

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