Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Cosplaying Hawkingbird: Kate Bishop's Purple Dress

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am cosplaying Kate Bishop from the Young Avengers.  Kate Bishop's main outfit for her "Hawkingbird" is an outfit that she wore to a wedding as one of the maid of honors when she encounters the Young Evengers.

Because I was going to be "ripping" the dress for this cosplay, I opted to make my own dress instead of buying a used one and making modifications. Joann's Fabric has wedding type fabric, and I found the correct color purple satin.  In addition, I had Simplicity 5561 in my pattern Stash

I made a couple of mockups and finally got one that fit well.

The fabric was pretty nice

Even Sammy thought the fabric was nice and helped me cut out fabric.

My dress dummy, Esme, was a nice stand-in for me and helped me fit the dress, especially since this is a strapless dress -- no malfunctions can occur.
(The skirt isn't hemmed, so is still pretty long in the photo.) 

With the belt added, it's a pretty close approximation.  Instead of "ripping" the dress, I opted to make a very long side slit instead so I could control how much it went up the leg.

With the dress completed, I could finish up the rest of her outfit.

The Making of....