Friday, September 11, 2015

Cosplaying Hawkingbird: 3D Printing Battle staves

While I was working on Hawkingbird's dress, I started working on her weapons. First, I started with Mockingbird's battlestaves that she finds in the Avenger's Mansion.

I looked at reference photos of Mockingbird's battle staves for clarification. They are segmented pieces of a steel-alloy that can extend up to 4 feet. In addition, they can be screwed together to form a longer staff of about 8 feet.

Using some online software, I fashioned cylindrical pieces that could be made pieced together individually, then used the 3D printer at work to bring those pieces into reality. I made multiple "middle" pieces so I could make the staves as long as I needed to fit me.

The individual pieces. 

Although Mockingbird's staves are pretty long, they don't appear that long for Kate. Also as Kate wears them on her thigh (with a single elastic strap), mine needed to actually fit my body regardless of how long they are actually "supposed" to be in the comic book.

When assembled complete, each staves were about 13 inches long. I even made a connector piece that would allow me to connect the two staves into a larger staff.

I had some one inch elastic & velcro, and made a thigh holster. In the comic book, she is shown with one holster (as shown above), as well as dual holster in some frames. As more frames show the one holster, I opted to go with the one holster setup.

Mockingbird's battle staves are supposed to be a steel-alloy, and appear to be a white silvery color. I kinda liked the 3D material I used, so I am not going to paint them just yet and might keep them this color.

The Making of....

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