Thursday, April 14, 2016


I love Legos. I never had them as a kid, but I discovered them in college. A former roommate was a Lego representative for our area, so he managed to get us a bunch of Lego sets. My nieces and nephews have a ton of Legos and I enjoy building those things with them.

This past weekend, my in-laws gave me a belated holiday gift -- A Doctor Who Lego set!!

What's not to love? I'm a total geek over Doctor Who, and Legos definitely falls into "making and crafting".

A friend was over, so we decided to break it out. Her OCD nature organized the pieces by color and size.

There's over 600 pieces! The first order of the day was to put together the actual figures, as they are the easiest things to create.

However, it was interesting to note that Clara, the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith), and the Weeping Angel had two different faces on a single head  -- one smiley face and one serious face --- or in the case of the Weeping Angel --- one SCARY face and one not-so-scarey-face.

Whereas the 12th Doctor (Peter Capaldi) only had the single serious face.  I think there's a definite resemblance there!

We had to keep the cats from playing with the Lego pieces. We finally hit on a compromise and set up a "distraction" fabric away from the Legos. Pharaoh was very put out that we wouldn't let him bat around the pieces.

It took an hour to complete the control room. Then another hour for just the TARDIS portion.

There were 129 pages of instructions! But I'm amazed at how well it came together. The Daleks look like Daleks.

Unfortunately at one point, we had to deconstruct a good chunk of the control room, because we realized that we had misused two pieces that we needed for something else -- there was a couple of pieces that looked exactly like each other except for a cut-out opening. Then there were the weird leftover / extra pieces; we were afraid that we had done something wrong, but everything seemed okay.

Overall, it was a blast building it. The TARDIS detached from the control room as a separate individual piece, so we could just play with the TARDIS if we wanted. I love the Daleks and Weeping Angel.

I think I need more Legos.