Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Addams Family Cosplay: Making a Doll Accessory

For my cosplay, I needed a very specific accessory. My character is sometimes seen carrying a headless doll, so I went to my local thrift store to find an appropriate doll. I found some plastic dolls at about the right size, but I dislike plasticky dolls, so I got this Cabbage Patch Kid (CPK) instead.

Growing up, my sister loved CPKs. She had at least 3 of those things. Me? I wasn't very much into dolls, preferring stuffed animals and action figures. Gleefully, I asked my Viking to decapitate it. He was more than happy to oblige.

The stitching on these are very amusing, from actual butt cheeks to a belly button. While the original CPK was dressed as a boy, this particular doll is getting a gender change. Luckily, it was already androgynous.

But, first, I had to ensure none of the inner stuffing came out. I made a red pillow to sit in the empty neck cavity as a "bloody neck stump".

I measured the circumference of the neck and used a protractor to draw out the circle (plus added seam allowance), and then stuffed it with fiberfill. I sewed my little round pillow right into the neck cavity. I might cut out some felt to simulate more of a cross-view of the neck, but that's for later.
For the costume, I used this pattern for the doll, plus I also used the adult version as a base for my costume with a lot of modifications.

Doll patterns are extremely small, but very quick to actually sew. There were only three pattern pieces for the doll's tunic. Unfortunately, because some of the pieces are so small, I also had to do a lot of handsewing, especially setting in those tiny, tiny little sleeves. Luckily, handsewing such small pieces is quicker, but it's still handsewing.

I also had to modify my doll pattern pieces a little bit, as the pattern was made for a shorter doll with skinnier arms. I had to lengthen the tunic as well as add additional width to the sleeves.

 Using left over scrap fabric from my costume, I finished the primarily tunic in an about 1.5 hours. (Yes, I already finished the primary costume, which I'll discuss more in another post!)

After I made the basic costume, I used my new skills at creating collars & cuffs.

I cheated a little bit on making proper cuffs and a collar, because, well, it's a doll and these pieces only need to look like the real thing and they are also sewn down to the tunic dress.

Afterwards, it was a matter of attaching buttons.

The last and final step for the doll is making the stockings. I picked up a cheap pair of tights at a local Japanese dollar store.

My Viking reminded to sew first, then cut. I pulled the tights onto the doll, and pinned the seam line, ensuring that there was negative ease (so as to get a nice stretch). After testing the new seam, I cut off the excess parts of the leggings.

As a nice bonus, I ended up getting a pair of long arm warmers. :-)

The final doll looks pretty darn good! She's missing shoes, but I'm going to scour the local thrift stores for something appropriate.

Viola! One finished doll accessory! Her name is Marie. :-)

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