Wednesday, July 27, 2016

San Diego Comic Con 2016

Last week, I packed up my bags and left for San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) at the San Diego Convention Center. This year, we went for two days, but what a packed two days.

Primarily, we were going to go compete at the SDCC Masquerade which was held on Saturday evening. Here's my luggage for this weekend. (The Viking had his own props and costumes in his own luggage).

As our main concern was to perform in the masquerade, we took it easy for the convention, opting for cosplay watching and shopping in the dealer's room, especially since the masquerade would take up nearly all of Saturday. We weren't too concerned about making any panels as lines for them are extremely long and we had to be available during certain time slots.

Luckily, there's plenty of cosplay to see and things to buy. Many of the costumers were just beautifully done and well made.

Some were hilariously funny.

Poor Scooby!

Many of these costumes were still well constructed, like this pink Chewbaca! The pink seriously hurt my eyes but it was definitely an eye catcher, and the costumer made the Chewbaca suit to specifications!

I wish there was a pink Han Solo to go with the Wookie!

There were amazing "takes" on various iconic costumes, like this Samurai versions of Star Wars characters.

And, oh the mashups!

Mandalorian Lilo

The Dealer's Room had a number of celebrities walking around, some incognito, some in costume, but some were just out in the open, greeting fans (like me)!

The floor had a wide range of exhibits. There were plenty of Star Wars to see, like this Lego version of a storm trooper.

For Star Wars fans, they had a lovely exhibit of some of the costumes from Rogue One. In fact, they had built an entire temple, which contained the Rogue One costumes, figures, and vendors selling licensed Star Wars merchandise.

As a costumer, I might have taken the opportunity to take A LOT of reference photos of various movie costumes for cosplay reference....

In addition, there were dioramas for any and all fandoms.

Statues, collectables, name it, it was there.

The detail on many of these are just is the price tag!

Overall, it was a lot of fun on the first day, but the crowds are intense! We took plenty of breaks from all the people, ate and made sure to hydrate well. We were only on the main floor for a couple of hours before the masquerade, which I'll post about later.

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