Friday, December 30, 2016

Viking Wants Knitted Hats

Normally, my Viking isn't too big on knit items, because he runs very warm, so making warm things for him doesn't quite work. On occasion, he has asked for hats, but they've been usually novelty hats, like his Viking Helm or Blinky the Fish (from the Simpsons).

However, the weather around here has been dipping into the low 30 (deg F) and he generally walks to the train station, so he's asked for a few 'regular' hats that he can wear to work. I was only too happy to oblige! I love knitting hats as they are a quick easy knit and I can swap between socks and hats for work knitting.

We went through my stash and he picked out a few colorways that seemed appropriate for work and we went through Ravelry to look at various hat patterns. He picked the ones he liked, and I started working on hats for him. He has a 23" head, so I have to up-size every hat so that it fits him properly.

The first hat was made out of Madeline Tosh DK. It's a scrumptious yarn and the varigated blue matches his eyes. I used the Koolhaas pattern by Jared Flood.

The second hat is using leftovers of Cascade Greenland yarn (discontinued) that I had left over from other projects. He wanted the green to dominate. I used the Turn a Square hat pattern, also by Jared Flood.

Luckily, hats are a fairly quick knit, plus, I'm tickled that he wants them. He's worn both on multiple occasions now, because the weather has turned rather cold in the mornings. I've got more in the queue for him, but I'm running out of his preferred colors; apparently, his favorite colors differ from mine! So I'll have to pick up more yarn just for him when Stitches comes around.