Monday, March 6, 2017

GallifreyOne 2017

It's been a helluva year so far (for many reasons), and I've been keeping myself super busy between work, archery tournaments, and going to Conventions. Consequently, I'm behind on nearly everything, including posting about the various things I've been up to the past month. I'm posting these reports out of order, because I won't get to them otherwise.

In addition, the graphics card on my computer died in the past 3 weeks and Amazon has yet to send the replacement part we ordered, which means I can't actually get to any photos except for those on my mobile phone. If I continue waiting to get the actual photos, these reports won't get posted.

So, back in mid February for Prez Day Weekend (Feb 17-19), my Viking and I drove to Los Angeles to attend the Doctor Who convention, GallifreyOne, that we've been attending for quite a number of years. Unlike most years, I had been travelling non-stop for several weekends, and I went into this convention extremely tired and a big haggard.

How haggard, you might ask? Well, because I didn't have much time to sew any new costumes, I opted to cosplay from my closet. I chose to do one major cosplay outfit for the weekend, and had it all packed and hanging next to the luggage ready to be taken out to the car when it got packed. Can you guess what happened next?

The costume didn't get put into the car.

I didn't realize it until we started unloading our luggage into the hotel! DOH! Ah well.

I did, however, pack a number of Dr. Who themed t-shirts in my regular luggage, so all went well. The whole convention was a nice chance to relax and see a few people, including our beloved co-host ESPA√ĎA who was there with her hubby! We managed to record a podcast, which I will post soon! (I promise).

I attended quite a few panels, including the Iron Costumer panel that is based on Iron Chef. Two groups of costumers (Team Rassilon and Team Omega) go head to head to sew and create a costume that would fit in the classic Doctor Who series in under 60 minutes!

Both myself and the Viking were on a couple of panels. I sat on a panel of 5 for Doctor Who crafting, as well as a cosplay photography panel. It was quite fun.

Of course, there was plenty of cosplay at the Convention. There was plenty of new Dr. Who characters, including this wonderful 4-year old who cosplayed one of the Weeping Angel Cherubs. And a wonderful Cleopatra

And there were plenty of old Dr. Who characters. Some of them were quite as hokey as you'd imagine!

I wish I had more photos to share, but as mentioned above, they are on my main camera body but my computer is unavailable for me to download. I shall share them as I am able.