Friday, March 3, 2017

Stitches West 2017

Once again, Stitches West happened in the Santa Clara Convention Center in California. Unfortunately, due to some timing of some archery tournaments and other things, I was only able to attend one single day!!

Since the LYS I frequented the most closed last year, I had been a very good knitter and had been knitting (mostly) from my Stash, except for some sock yarn purchases when I was running low. And, for this Stitches, I intended on stocking up!

I was even very good and went through my Ravelry queue and made a list of all the projects I wanted to do and what yarn/yardage I needed.....

....except that I left it at home and had to go by memory!! I only missed one or two things, but I managed to get everything else.Yay for carrying the Intranet in my pocket!

There were a lot of sweater quantities that I needed, in addition to more sock yarn. 

And as a special bonus, there were some especially Geeky themes this year! A lot of the vendors, such as Fresh from the Cauldron, really stepped it up with some of their colorways from Marvel, DC, Supernatural, etc.

She had some amazing Geeky colorways:
Wonder Woman


She also had a couple of amazing ones for Black Widow, Iron Man, Batman, etc. But, I had to actually choose a couple instead of buying ALL THE YARN!

White Birch Fibers had this colorway for Harry Potter fans, called "Resisting Voldemort".

Dizzy Blonde Studios had some great Doctor Who themed ones.

For fun, I stopped and got a Mystery Bag at the Buffalo Wool Company. The cost was about $20.00

I came away with a luscious 50-50 blend of Bison and silk, in MY COLORS. The skein is worth more than the $20.00 that I paid for it, so I was extremely happy.

Of course, while I was there, I was duly inspired to increase my Ravelry queue by quite a bit, including Martina Behm's Viajantes, for which I might have purchased the yarn.  It wasn't all about the yarn. I did pick up a few amazing buttons and I might have splurged on a Romi Hill shawl pin.

There were just so many talented knitters and artisans there that it was quite inspirational. Overall, it was a good Stitches. I got to hang out with some friends, spend a bit of $$, and came home with more than enough to continue knitting for quite some time.

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