Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Old Tech Meets New Tech.

I love my drop spindles because they are really portable....much like my knitting. There are often situations where I can't knit because I know I'm going to get interrupted and I need to concentrate, OR when my project is just too big to pull out to knit comfortably (in this case, a sweater). These are the occasions when I pull out my drop spindle, because I don't really need to concentrate when using it, it relaxes me, and I can literally stop at any time.

In this particular instance, I had gone to the Apple Store to see about a repair on my iPhone. I got help right away, and was simply waiting for the clerk to return. The Apple Store is full of shiny tech things, but there isn't much there that I haven't already seen (and frankly didn't need).

I realize the irony of pulling out an ancient piece of technology in a place where some of the most modern technologies can be purchased quite easily. And for the most part, I was mostly ignored as many people were too engrossed in playing with the latest toys. I was spinning merino top on my Asciano spindle.

However, it was the salespeople that eventually came over to ask what I was doing and gawk somewhat. One gent was keenly interested, and when I started explaining all about the physics of spinning, he was super eager to run out and try it out for himself. LOL.

Eventually, I got my iPhone all sorted out, packed up my spindle, and was on my merry way.