Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spreading the Evil

A few weeks ago, a good friend of mine (who beads) said she'd be interested in learning how to use a drop spindle. Her mother tried to teach her how to knit as a young girl & as an adult ...and each time it ended in frustrated tears...so she has no desire to learn knitting or crocheting. However, she *loves* fiber and thought that spinning might prove to be better for her, as she has watched me spin and loves the fibers that I make.

So, I got her a good inexpensive wood spindle from Stitches West (she was deathly afraid of dropping and breaking a spindle -- she saw my glass & resin spindles), and a pretty handpainted corriedale top. Plus I added "practice" fiber that I had left over from some dark BFL from my last spinning project.

Armed with Abby Franquemont's "Respect the Spindle" DVD and The Bellweather's book, "Productive Spindling", I went over and showed her the principles of parking & drafting, then left her alone while her hubby, DH, and I went off to dinner & a concert (as she was ill).

I came back with her spindle 1/2 full of what looked like a DK or worseted weight yarn. She said that she thinks she could really get into this, as it appeals to her Anal Retentiveness.....she can control every aspect of the twist (making her prefer worsted spinning over woolen).

So, I've done my part of spreading the evil....