Monday, March 1, 2010

Stitches West

This past Friday, I headed over to Stitches West on Friday, because it's the least "crowded" day....not to say it wasn't crowded, but it's far less crowded than going on a Saturday (which I did last year).

I made some Major Stash Additions for both fiber, yarn, and spindles, which should keep me very busy for a long time. I also got to buy fiber & spindle for a friend whom I am teaching how to spin (and inflicting evil upon), but I digress.

Things purchased:
* Asciano Fiber Arts Tools (Debra Doyle) Spindle made of Cocobolo from Carolina Homespun.
* Luscious black merino & white merino top.
* Insanely soft baby camel top
* Enough fiber for the Knitmore Girls Mondo Cable Pulli/Cardi KAL -- merino silk blend (love, love, love)
* Sock yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts & Sheep Feet
* Enough Noro Yarn for a Sweater or really big shawl from Webs
* OMG amazing fiber from Abstract Fibers -- Dark Chocolate (alpaca, merino, silk) and another in Yak/Merino. (luv, luv, luv)

And can I just say the sales girls from Abstract Fibers are instigators & enablers, and I discovered that I have a weakness for alpaca/merino/silk & yak/merino fibers gorgeous jewel tones. *sigh*. They were very helpful, and pulled out stuff I had asked for...then pulled out other stuff....and other things. And then made suggestions on plying this fiber with that fiber...and...and....

But, again, I digress. Let's just say that I spent more than intended at Abstract Fibers, but stayed relatively well within the budget I had set for myself.

But, outside of the fiber-y goodness, I went to the Knitmore Girls meetup at Abstract Fibers, and saw some friends, including re-acquainting myself with another person (Cynthia) whom I've known peripheally, but is friends with a whole slew of people that I know -- making my world a little smaller. We geeked hardcore about science fiction, knitting, spinning, photography...and the whole lot.

By the time I left Stitches West (about 4-5pm) the crowds had severely thinned out, and my feet hurt from walking on that convention concrete floor. There was a show & tell at Purlescence Yarns, but I decided that it'd just be best for me to go home.