Monday, July 26, 2010

Tour de Fleece: Finale

My actual Tour de Fleece project (core-spinning) was done with plenty of time left over. So I added a secondary project (Stash Busting) to get through about 8oz of rainbow colored merino for the last half of the Tour.

I broke up the merino into .5 oz bumps, spun them up all the same (semi-worseted) then finished them differently so I could see what each would look like: Navajo plied, singles, 2ply.

I've finished (washed/thwacked) with the Navajo plied & the singles (which were washed & fulled for added strength. However, I still need to finish the second bobbin of the 2ply (I'm 3 bumps away from finishing it). BUT since I got my primary project finished, anything additional was gravy.

Here's a photo summary:


5 bobbins of this (probably 400 yards of singles at least):


To 100 yards of coiled & bobbled yarn:
Tour de Fleece - Coils2

(80% done)

From 8oz of colored merino:
Tour de Fleece Project 2

To Navajo plied

Navajo Plied
2oz. 182 yards, heavy fingering weight, Navajo plied

and Single plied