Thursday, September 23, 2010

Missing My Knitting...

This week without knitting is going well, but I miss it rather horribly. Spinning some fine cormo on Nona is helping ease some of the evening anxiety's not a substitute, esp. when it's a forced substitute.

--> This past Monday, I walked out of the house without a knitting project in my bag. I felt naked.

--> I keep thinking about the knitting projects that I really should be working on in to finish.

--> I hunted around looking for my crochet motif book because I was getting somewhat desperate to have fiber in my hands. DH laughed at me last night. Unfortunately, I had absolutely no yarn with witch to crochet. Everything is pretty much earmarked for a knitting project. ARGH.

--> I'm missing my daily lunch knitting, although I did bring one of my not-yet-used spindle.

I get to see my favorite doctor this evening, and I have two more days of self-imposed non-knitting. Then I can go back in....slowly...with lots of breaks. Because I really don't want to not knit for another extended period of time.