Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pound of Frank

Tonight, I got a FULL pound of Frank spun up which is a total milestone for me! (Of course, there's still 1.25 pounds left!) So, I took some of the sample yarn I spun up so I could figure out exactly how much I had left to spin.

Frank as 3ply

12 yard 3ply sample = 1/4 oz = 48 yards / ounce = 768 yards/pound

For the sweater, I need about 1000 yards (give or take), so therefore I need:

1000 yards / 768 yards/pound = 1.30200 pounds = 20.83200 ounces = ~21 ounces

I already have one pound of Frank spun up (16 ounce singles), so therefore I would need another 5 ounces spun of singles. (For safety sake, lets say 6 additional ounces because I did make a sample of a 3-ply & 4ply up which used up some of 3 ounces of singles.)


Then I'd need to ply all of those, and THEN I can start knitting the sweater!

I'm a lot close to being done than I least with the spinning portion.

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