Friday, April 29, 2011

Trilobyte Hat

I love knitted items with a slight twist to them, especially when the recipient can really enjoy the product, not just as a crafted item, but the theme that goes with it, whether it is a specific genre such as a t.v. show (Dr Who), or science based, or whatever. And a lot of ingenius knitters have developed a fair number of knitted items that can apply to a variety of geeks.

One of my family members is a geologist. He's pretty darn funny and he appreciates handmade gifts. Nearly two years ago, I made him the Trilobite Hat for the holidays, because what better present for a geologist? He's since worn it to pieces (literally!) The last time I visited, I had to do some major mending of the hat, but it was only a temporary fix.

As he's proven himself knitted-gift-worthy, I decided that I need to replace his much love well-worn hat with another (or two). So, consequently, I've been knitting up another trilobite hate for him out of Cascade Superwash in walnut in between finishing up my sweater.


I made the hat brim a little bit longer to cover up cold ears or to fold over onto itself. When I made the first one, it seemed that the hat brim was a wee bit short. Now, I'm only half way done with the hat, but it's a fun little knit.

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