Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Accidental Knitting Group

I unintentionally started a knitting group at work yesterday. Well, I should really say that I didn't initially intend to actually start a knitting group at work, but circumstances being what they are, it's what ended up happending...unexpectedly.Here's how it went down:

We have a "spam" list at work. People can send anything to the spam list, such as want ads, for sale, requests for recommendations, anything.

Someone posted a "knitter needs help" request. She was a beginning knitter and had somehow did something to her knitting as she was trying to fix a dropped stitch and something went horribly wrong; she was afraid to make it worse. A couple of people responded, and when I emailed said person privately, she had said two people had helped her already, and was glad to see so many knitters at work.

I said we should start our own knitting circle, and she heartily agreed.

So, knowing our IT group, I requested a knitting email alias put together (which they did in 5 minutes), posted it to the SPAM list, and people started adding themselves. We have a bunch of knitters here, plus some in offices in other parts of the country.

Then I scheduled our first meet-up on Friday (as it was the earliest in everyone's calendar). All in the space of about 2 hours. So, there ya go.

Sometimes, it helps to be a little proactive. And it helps that knitters are a very very social group and just love to get together for any excuse to knit.