Thursday, October 6, 2011


I've started spinning one of the fleeces I got from the Retzlaff Winery Event (that I didn't attend) that was processed by Morro Fleeceworks

Gretta is a merino/corriedale cross from Janet Heppler's Nebo Rock Ranch, and processed by Morro Fleece works. She was a 6 pound fleece, and I got 4 pounds 5 oz back from Morro.

I did a sampling, as I wanted a heavier worsted weight yarn for a potential sweater. I did Sample A first, and didn't quite like how the yarn turned out. Then I spun up Sample B.

Sample A) 7.25:1 ratio (left) spun worseted 3ply

Sample B) a 5.5:1 ratio (right) spun semi-woolen 3ply

Sample A came out an aran weight yarn
Sample B came out a heavier worsted weight yarn...and very lofty

Gretta Sampling 2

So, I'll be spinning Gretta in the Sample B ratio & style. And so far I've gotten 2 ounces spun up, and she's an absolute delight to spin -- woolen spinning really suits her. She's like a soft grey cloud of soft fur that I just want to bury my face into because of the softness.