Monday, October 3, 2011

The Lack of Buttons: Finished Sweaters

This past week, I finally finished the Mondo Cable Cardigan I started last month, which all things considering, isn't a shabby length of time to knit a sweater. Some sweaters I've knitted took several months (like the February Lady's Tunic Sweater that I started in April, then finished in August.)

I'm really happy with how the Mondo Cable Cardigan came out. The color's perfect and I didn't mess up too badly. (I had missed an increase at one point, but that's not really a sticking point for this sweater.

It has about 2 inches of ease, which is perfect for wearing as layers. And the wool is light enough to not make it too bulky, but as it's wool, it's *warm* --- perfect for fall weather. (Plus, today, it's actually nippy enough to wear to work!)
I like it so much that I think I shall make another (at a later date) with a smaller collar that's better fit for a zipper.

Mondo Cable Cardigaon

And here is the aforementioned Febuary Lady's Tunic Sweater. It was the never-ending sweater. I had made incredible progress on it, until about the last 6 inches, then it started to slog so I put it down to finish some other projects, working on it occassionally. When we started podcasting, I finally got enough 'gumption' to actually attempt to finish it.

The angora/cashmere wool sweater Tunic is also VERY warm and VERY soft. It's like wearing a fluff cloud. However, due to the square neckline, it's more suited for high neck shirts (like turtle/mock-turtle necks).
Unfortunately, I only had two clasps (as featured in the photo) for it, when it really needed about 2 more. I had procrastinated going to JoAnne's to get more for about two months, but decided since I needed buttons for the Mondo, I'd pick them up as well.


THEN I discover that JoAnne's doesn't carry those particular closures anymore! GAH! I had to search online & buy more online. I don't know when they stopped carrying those closures, but it had to be within the past several months (as I had bought the same exact closures back in January for another cardigan).