Monday, June 17, 2013


Some time ago, I picked up some lovely Ashland Bay merino / cashmere (80/20) at my LYS as it was on sale. I wasn't sure what to do with it, but found the perfect pattern, Eve's Ribs. The suggested yarn is Carol Sunday's own brand of yarn, which is lovely, but I decided to spin for it myself.

According to her website, her yarn is a 5ply light worsted (or a DK) weight yarn @ 10 WPI.

If this is true, then each single of a 5ply would have to be 50 otherwords, froghair. And I just don't like spinning that fine. So, I thought to change it to a 3ply yarn, so that the singles would only need to be about 30 WPI each.

The yardage required is 822 - 1233 yards (depending on size). My current grist is about 55 yards / ounce, which would require that I have 16 ounces for the barest minimum yardage

822 yards / (55 yards/oz) = ~ 14 ounces.

I'm really loving this fiber, which is super soft. Spinning it completely woolen actually goes by relatively quickly. I can finish an ounce in an evening (whereas it might take me two evenings to spin worsted.) Plus, it's easy to spin even when I'm not feeling 100%

So, far, I have about 12 ounces spun (not including the left over bobbins that I used for sampling).

Here's one of the skeins that I've plied thus far. It's lovely, air, and oh-so-soft!